Humanitarian Aid Nursing Developmental Services Africa (HANDSA) is a non-governmental organization founded by Liberians, Norwegians and other nationalities living in Norway  and Liberia. The aim of this organization is to provide education,health care, shelter, food, clothing, clean water and sanitation, protection and a better future to orphans, vulnerable and abadoned children around Africa with Liberia been the first country to benefit. The visionaries of HANDSA are professionals that have been touched to cleverly seek avenues around the world to making this dream a reality. HANDSA was officially  launched on the 2nd of November, 2012 in Oslo, Norway. Other NGOs in Norway  graced the occasion. HANDSA will soon embark on a project to build a children village with modern facilities.

The general objective of the organization is to protect, cater for, and build the capacity of African orphan children.


Ø   To provide shelter for the orphan, and vulnerable children who are living in appalling conditions; as well as a framework for moral training, in the context of their cultural heritage.


Ø   To identify, recruit and provide adequate quality education and skills to these children, for the purpose of future empowerment.


Ø   To create a secure, family-orientated environment, in which the orphans are cherished, loved, nurtured, and encouraged to grow into valuable assets for the society.


Ø   To help prevent children at the orphanage from malnutrition,

      huger and to provide them care of a personal nature.




“The vision is to give children exposure to love, education and care, and to provide them with life skills. Our intention, is not to turn them into dependants and people to be pitted upon, but to make them develop into productive mature adults and orientate them into real life experiences so that when they are adults, they should not be beggars and dependents, but self reliant and happy to engage in productive work".