Issues we work on

 “The vision is to give children exposure to love, education and care, and to provide them with life skills. Our intention, is not to turn them into dependents and people to be pitted upon, but to make them develop into productive mature adults and orientate them into real life experiences so that when they are adults, they should not be beggars and dependents, but self reliant and happy to engage in productive work".


The major focus of the organization is to create a positive loving environment, in which orphans suffering from destitution, neglect, abused and vulnerability in Liberia, can feel at home and cared for; through the construction of an orphanage. These children currently lived in appalling conditions, which do ravaged their bodies. They are socially isolated, politically powerless and economically marginalized. Moreover, they are deprived of their basic human rights on a daily and persistent basis. It is our conviction, that through the provision of residential, educational, counseling and vocational, opportunities at the orphanage, hope will be restored in the lives of these children

Street children are the casualties of economic growth, war, poverty, loss of traditional values,domestic violence, physical and mental abuse. Every street child has a reason for being on the streets. While some children are lured by the promise of excitement and freedom, the majority arepushed onto the street by desperation and a realisation that they have nowhere else to go. In many countries, street children are named after their main survival activities. For example, vendors (Dakar,Lusaka and Manila), street gangs (Stuttgart), juvenile prostitutes (Stuttgart, Manila). What is obvious is that street children are poverty-stricken and their needs and problems are a result of

wanting to meet basic needs for survival. Street children go through the struggle of providingthemselves with basic things such as food, shelter, health and clothing.