If you're looking for a change, why not volunteer with HANDSA, Volunteering is a hands-on way of building a fairer world. 

Find out how to apply to volunteer. 

Around 10 per cent of our volunteers in 2010-12 worked in orphans & vulnerable children   and depending on your skills you too can help to support the inclusion of disabled people in wider society. 

This could include training individuals and organizations on physiotherapy techniques and community-based rehabilitation services. Or you could work alongside education officials to improve social inclusion in a country's education system. For example, you could help to identify how teachers could improve their child-centred methodologies or how parents associations can encourage families to send disabled children to schools. 

Our work in Liberia  , The Gambia and Sierra Leone has helped to increase the membership of orphans associations, allowing more people to attend sign language classes and improve their communication skills.  

At HANDSA, we promote inclusive volunteering, recognizing that Orphan and vulnerable children  have skills, resources and experience to share like anybody else.

To volunteer with HANDSA, you'll need both professional experience and qualifications. Exact requirements will depend on your area of expertise. Start by looking at the table below to check your placement options. 

Placement length 

What's needed 

6 months 

5+ years professional experience 

12-24 months 

2+ years professional experience


If you would like to volunteer with HANDSA,  send us your resume

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